Next week our founder Simon Moffatt will be speaking at event in London with leading customer identity and access management platform provider Transmit Security. The event is entitled "The Fusion of Identity Management and Fraud Prevention" and will take place on May 23rd at One Great George Street London. The day long gathering will contain an array of guest talks from industry leaders, practitioners and consultants, discussing the rise of fraud within the identity life cycle - from account on-boarding and proofing through to deepfake authentication techniques.
Join us for our next free industry webinar in April: The Evolution of Authorization: How To Achieve Zero Standing Privileges. Organisations are struggling to deliver applications and services on time, often due to hard coded permissions and access control components. Coupled with that, emerging threats and a lack of dynamic and contextual policy controls are increasing risk to key data assets.
Our founder Simon Moffatt will be attending RSA Conference 2024 in San Francisco in early May. He will be available for vendor briefings, after-event functions and vendor support. To arrange a meeting, please contact us.
Next week the Chartered Institute of Information Security live event comes to Manchester - and home of Manchester City football club at the Etihad Stadium. This full day event will bring together cyber security leaders and experts from across the UK, for a day of presentations, panels, case studies and vendor interaction.
This week our founder Simon Moffatt will be presenting at a C-level round table being held […]
Our founder Simon Moffatt will be speaking at FIDO Authenticate 2023 in Carlsbad San Diego October 16-18th. This three-day auth-fest will see the world's authentication, authorization and identity experts converge for some deep dive discussions and networking on a broad array of topics - from passkeys and biometrics, through to proofing and access control.
Join us on Sept 27th for our latest industry webinar. We will be launching our latest industry report on Identity Threat Detection and Response, as well as hosting an industry panel of global identity and access management experts and leaders, to discuss the threats to our critical IAM infrastructure.
MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM, August 22, 2023 — The Cyber Hut, a leading boutique industry analyst and […]
Join us on August 22nd at 4pm UK time for our latest industry webinar where our founder Simon Moffatt will be in conversation with Alex Bovee - CEO at ConductorOne, a leader in identity centric security. Identity Governance and Administration has been with us over 2 decades - yet the problem statement it tries to solve gets larger and the solution set continues to innovate.
Next week our founder Simon Moffatt will be in conversation with Mattia Zago from Monokee, where they'll be discussing the evolution of identity and access management platforms to include key visualisation and orchestration capabilities.