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The CIAM Market and Technology overview course is based on the best selling book “Consumer Identity & Access Management: Design Fundamentals”.

Released 2021

A business focused Industry first book on consumer identity

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Consumer Identity & Access Management Market & Technology Overview

2 Day Masterclass or
11 Hours Self Paced Video

The Why:  To provide a virtual workshop for industry leaders, practitioners and consultants looking to develop external facing identity and access management systems. 

The course is run by Simon Moffatt, author of CIAM Design Fundamentals,

For Who:  Your Current Role: Information leader, CISO, identity architect, security architect, CIO, digital consultant

Pre-Reqs: Infrastructure understanding, digital concepts, basic security, basic identity. This is a no-code course.

The What:  PDF copy of “Consumer Identity & Access Management Design Fundamentals” book

~8 modules of deep dive learning content – covering technical, business and requirements design.

Available as online self-paced training with 11 hours of videos or live masterclass.

CIAM Masterclass Day 1

A live virtual masterclass to prepare industry leaders with the skills to develop and procure internet scale secure and usable digital experiences. Day 1 will introduce the key terms and a methodology for design.

Employee Identity

The differences to CIAM.  Employee automation and origins.

Case Studies

We analyse two CIAM case studies – one in the public sector and one in the private sector, focusing on the objectives, strategy and tactics.

The Benefits

We explore the benefits of consumer identity to both the end user and the service provider

The Drivers

What is driving demand for digital identity – digital transformation and emerging security threats amongst them.

Onboarding and Proofing

How are identities created in the external facing world and how is proofing evolving?

Contextual Access

Security as a first relies on the ability to capture and analyse context as well as responding proactively with adaptive controls.

Consent Management

Compliance initiatives such as GDPR and CCPA are promoting the need for strong consent capture, storage and revocation capabilities.

Secure Login

Be it based on standard MFA or modern biometrics and passwordless authentication how best to authenticate end users?

Profile Management

External identities will require a central dashboard experience to manage preferences and data requests.

Data Management

Consumer identity data will be integrated across a range of systems – be it PII or activity data.  CRM, data platforms and profile stores will require strong integration.

Requirements Gathering

Understanding the requirements for a new consumer project can be complex and full of nuance.

Objectives Mapping

Consumer identity will introduce new stakeholders to the identity team such as the CMO, CDO and CEO.  We need to understand and validate their needs and objectives.

Solution Design

Consumer identity platforms will require a broad set of features and capabilities in a solution design that covers many different systems with different success metrics.

CIAM Masterclass Day 2

Day 2 will see us understand the key technology areas and how we can measure success.

Crypto Crash Course

A 101 primer to some of the key cryptographic themes and how they relate to CIAM. 

OAuth2 and OIDC

OAuth2 and OIDC are omnipresent in the protection of APIs and micro services.  We will introduce the concepts.


Identity data needs creating and storing.  Standards such as SCIM and LDAP provide mechanisms that help. 


The modern app is based on APIs -some key terms and acronyms and how they relate to app design.


Modern authentication should not rely on passwords – FIDO and its more recent evolution can get us there.

User Managed Access

User centric sharing is a fundamental property of an external facing system.  How can data be shared?  UMA may help.

Selection Process

Procuring a consumer identity platform can be complex and time consuming.  What is the process and how can it be managed?

RFP Design

A request for proposal will be a useful part of the vendor engagement process.  How can they be designed?

PoC Design

A proof of concept may be a key component of the vendor analysis process.  What are the different types and how can they be designed and managed?

Metrics Coverage

Measuring success will not only help calculate returns on investment but can also help expand a CIAM project into new areas.  We examine some samples.

Metrics Effectiveness

Metrics effectiveness will focus upon how quantitative and qualitative measurements can be applied to a range of different capabilities to understand their success.

Metrics Performance

Consumer identity platforms will introduce a range of both volume and transaction performance characteristics that need designing and measuring.

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