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Content On Demand

From a blog post on current pain points, longer reads on emerging trends, to commentary on contemporary events.  If it’s cyber security related, maybe The Cyber Hut can help.

Blogs & Articles

Attributed as a guest blog by a The Cyber Hut author, blog posts can focus upon the industry view, voice of the customer and provide independent critique.


A Cyber Hut analyst can support existing vendor webinars in the form of interviews, fireside chats or with presentations regarding industry analysis.


Longer content – typically between 10-15 pages, that focuses on an independent commentary of existing and future problems, solutions and technology.

Recent Articles, Webinars and Content

“How To Kill The Password: Does the Mitre Att&ck Framework Help or Hinder”

A long read opinion piece article analysing the Mitre ATT&CK and D3FEND frameworks and their interaction with identity and access management counter measures such as passwordless authentication

Delivered to Hypr, July 2021 – See content here.

“The Evolution of Decoupled Authentication”

A 60 minute fireside chat with Hypr CTO and Interim CEO Bojan Simic. We discussed the emerging design pattern of “decoupled authentication” and what it means for the adoption of passwordless authentication – with its end user and service provider benefits.

Delivered to Hypr, August 2021 – See content  here.