Thought Leadership Cyber Security Content

From a blog post on current pain points, longer reads on emerging trends, to commentary on contemporary events.  If it’s cyber security related, maybe The Cyber Hut can help.

Blogs & Articles

Attributed as a guest blog by a Cyber Hut author, blog posts can focus upon the industry view, voice of the customer and provide independent critique.


A Cyber Hut analyst can support existing vendor webinars in the form of interviews, fireside chats or with presentations regarding industry analysis.

Whitepapers & eBooks

Longer content – typically between 10-15 pages, that focuses on an independent commentary of existing and future problems, solutions and technology.

Recent Whitepapers, Articles & Webinars

eBook: Build -v- Buy for Externalized Authorization

A long read whitepaper / eBook for the evaluation of externalized authorization technology – looking at the evolution, capabilities and decision making criteria as they pertain to both homegrown and commercial off the shelf authorization platforms.

Delivered to PlainID, August 2022 – Download here.

Article: Authentication in the Financial Services Industry

An article for passwordless vendor HYPR, looking at the role of authentication within the global financial services industry – analysing the business challenges, the opportunities for change and the potential for a new security blueprint.

Delivered to HYPR, August 2022 – Read here.

Webinar: An Introduction to SIM Based Authentication

An industry fireside chat webinar with Paul McGuire, CEO of – a specialist in SIM based mobile authentication. This webinar discussed the emergent use of the SIM card as a universal possession factor to improve both B2E and B2C based user registration and login.

Delivered to, July 2022 – View on demand.

Whitepaper: A Journey to Zero Trust With Zero Passwords

A long read whitepaper looking at the emergence of zero trust as modern security architecture and how passwordless authentication has a role to play in helping its adoption.

Delivered to HYPR, April 2022 – Read here.

Webinar: Putting an End to Account Takeovers in Southeast Asia

A fireside chat industry webinar with Transmit Security, where we discussed the rise of fraud and ATOs in the south east Asia region and how passwordless customer authentication could be the answer.

Delivered to Transmit Security, April 2022 – View on Demand  here.

Webinar: Biometric Authentication Under Regulation

A fireside chat industry webinar with Keyless Technologies where we discussed the rise of Biometric Authentication in financial services and retail and how to optimise its use under the likes of the GDPR and PSD2 Strong Customer Authentication.

Delivered to, March 2022 – View on Demand  here.

Article: Is Hardware MFA the Future?

A long read article analysing the pro’s and con’s of software and hardware based MFA and analyses the position of whether the security from hardware can be married to the convenience of software.

Delivered to, December 2021 – View content  here.

Launch Event: Buyer’s Guide for Passwordless Authentication

A 60 minute webinar introducing The Cyber Hut Buyer’s Guide for Passwordless Authentication.  The guide is a 61 page market and technology overview covering over 140 questions that can assist in the procurement process for password-free technology.

Hosted by The Cyber Hut, November 2021 – View on demand  here.

“It’s Not Me It’s You: Why Consumer Identity Hates Passwords” – A Fireside chat with Transmit Security

A 60 minute fireside chat webinar hosted by The Cyber Hut, where founder Simon Moffatt discussed the emerging challenges, trends and technology surrounding the need for passwordless authentication with Ian Sorbello from Transmit Security.

Hosted by The Cyber Hut, November 2021 – View on demand  here.

Distology Disruptor Day – Consumer Identity

A 60 minute panel discussion hosted by UK cyber security distributor Distology, where Cyber Hut Founder Simon Moffatt and Atlas Identity Managing Director Stephen Williams joined Distology CPO Lance Williams for a detailed discussion on the emerging trends of consumer identity and access management.

Hosted by Distology, November 2021 – View on demand  here.

“How To Kill The Password: Does the Mitre Att&ck Framework Help or Hinder”

A long read opinion piece article analysing the Mitre ATT&CK and D3FEND frameworks and their interaction with identity and access management counter measures such as passwordless authentication

Delivered to Hypr, July 2021 – See content here.

“The Evolution of Decoupled Authentication”

A 60 minute fireside chat with Hypr CTO and Interim CEO Bojan Simic. We discussed the emerging design pattern of “decoupled authentication” and what it means for the adoption of passwordless authentication – with its end user and service provider benefits.

Delivered to Hypr, August 2021 – See content  here.