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Welcome to The Cyber Hut – a boutique industry analyst and advisory firm, exclusively focused on the global identity and access management market.

Our mission is to help decipher the complex world of identity and access management technology and standards, by providing expert and impartial advice and research.

We work with a range of global clients, from vendors and industry practitioners through to venture capitalist investors and systems integrators, to help with their knowledge, understanding and due diligence on a range of subjects related to identity.

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The Cyber Hut are industry specialists when it comes to identity and access management. We have contributed to industry standards. Worked for the largest vendors. Designed some of the world’s biggest identity platforms.  

We also want to break down the traditional model for understanding the market and technology for identity and access management.  Why don’t you join us?

The IAM Radar

The Identity and Access Management IAM Radar provides continual vendor tracking, with curated headlines and expert analyst comment across a range of both established and emerging vendors. Events as they happen, mapped to human intelligence.

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The Week in Identity Podcast

The Cyber Hut runs a weekly podcast – aptly named “The Week in Identity” – where we take an industry analyst view of the latest identity and access management events, funding and conference news. A weekly independent briefing to provide buy side insight.

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IAM 2 Industry Analysis Map

The Cyber Hut tracks a range of vendors in the global identity and access management space – from established platforms, through to emerging startups focused on niche use cases. We call this IAM 2 – the Identity and Access Management Industry Analysis Map.

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We’ll help you improve your:

Industry Knowledge

Track emerging and established identity and access management vendors and understand their capabilities and strengths.

Security Posture

Leverage an Identity Threat Assessment Framework to help reduce risk, improve security and optimize existing IAM technology.

Maturity Awareness

Leverage independent opinion to compare to existing vendors or industry peers to help road map future IAM design decisions.

Trusted by Global Vendors, Integrators and Industry

The Cyber Hut has supported a range of vendor, buy side, integrator and investment clients to enhance their content, understanding and insight on the emerging identity and access management markets – through training, advisory, content and inquiry.

“The Cyber Hut is a partner in helping us build our strategy. They provide us with unique insights and custom services that help HYPR continue to lead the passwordless MFA market.”

Michael Rothschild

VP Product Marketing, HYPR

“Working with Simon and team on the consumer authentication webinar was great – they provided great inputs based on deep industry knowledge and and domain expertise.”

Gal Steinberg

VP Products, Sift / Keyless

“Simon at TCH is our go to point of contact for understanding the technical and business nuances of the emerging patterns in identity. Always clear, smart and insightful, but most importantly, trusted.”

Emily B.

Investment Analyst

“No faster way of getting into Consumer IAM, than by learning from the master himself. Great overview and best practices from Simon at The Cyber Hut. Recommended”

André Koot

Founder & Principal Consultant, SonicBee

“The Cyber Hut provides insightful guidance on identity security best practices that’s backed by industry experience and in-depth research. TCH has helped us better communicate to a more relevant audience consisting of both business and security-oriented professionals.”

Lani Leuthvilay

Senior Director, Product Marketing, PlainID

“We engaged the services of The Cyber Hut to organise a webinar on Identity Orchestration.

Throughout the process, they provided us with precious insights and suggestions, and the webinar turned out great. The Cyber Hut proved to be a reliable and competent partner; I would recommend them to anyone.”

Roberto Griggio

CEO, Monokee

Latest Industry Webinars

Latest Industry Insight

This four-day security extravaganza tours the world, and I attended the keynotes and briefings sessions on the 6th and 7th. Clearly this is a broader security conference, but as always the role of identity and access management appears in more ways than previous and often in slightly less obvious ways.
Next week the Chartered Institute of Information Security live event comes to Manchester - and home of Manchester City football club at the Etihad Stadium. This full day event will bring together cyber security leaders and experts from across the UK, for a day of presentations, panels, case studies and vendor interaction.
This week our founder Simon Moffatt will be presenting at a C-level round table being held at Kasteel Ter Ham, Steenokkerzeel in Belgium. The event on 9th November, will be hosted by AE and Okta and focus on empowering Chief Information Officers and other C-level executives […]
Machines are eating the world. Or is it software? No wait, it's AI. In someways, it will likely be none, neither or all. I don't think any will make us all extinct, yet automation, the use of machines and services (powered by clever software) will certainly be doing more for us as humans than ever before - as employees, customers and citizens.
Our founder Simon Moffatt will be speaking at FIDO Authenticate 2023 in Carlsbad San Diego October 16-18th. This three-day auth-fest will see the world's authentication, authorization and identity experts converge for some deep dive discussions and networking on a broad array of topics - from passkeys and biometrics, through to proofing and access control.
In light of the recent integration of ForgeRock into Ping Identity, The Cyber Hut has received numerous inquiry calls regarding potential integrations, feature overlap, next steps and existing deployment advice. To that end, we're making available a basic feature comparison matrix that highlights the basic capabilities each vendor as in each of the main identity areas of B2E and B2C. This matrix was compiled using publicly available references with peer review by those who have implemented ForgeRock or Ping technologies in the last 3 years.
Join us on Sept 27th for our latest industry webinar. We will be launching our latest industry report on Identity Threat Detection and Response, as well as hosting an industry panel of global identity and access management experts and leaders, to discuss the threats to our critical IAM infrastructure.
MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM, August 22, 2023 — The Cyber Hut, a leading boutique industry analyst and advisory firm focused on the global identity and access management market, announced today it has released a new research report. “Identity Threat Detection & Response: Emerging Market Review” is a […]
Join us on August 22nd at 4pm UK time for our latest industry webinar where our founder Simon Moffatt will be in conversation with Alex Bovee - CEO at ConductorOne, a leader in identity centric security. Identity Governance and Administration has been with us over 2 decades - yet the problem statement it tries to solve gets larger and the solution set continues to innovate.

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