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The Cyber Hut are experts in analysing the patterns and trends occuring at the edges of the global cyber security industry. We are specialists, called upon by a range of industry leading publications for comment and opinion.

Latest Long Read Research Report:

“2020 Cyber Security Startup Funding Analytics”

Nearly 550 global cyber security vendors and suppliers received early stage funding in 2020. Overall funding amounted to $2.38 billion, with the largest amount raised being $123 million.  This compares to nearly 1200 firms in 2019, sharing a considerably larger $2.6 billion, with the largest raise in 2019 being $200 million

50% of all funding decisions ended up delivering investment to organisations in North America (182).  This is a long standing trend. The second region behind North America was Europe with 29.7%  (108) followed by Asia with 11.8% (43).

From a non-functional perspective, the immediate standouts are “platform”, “cloud” and “ SaaS”. What does that indicate? Cloud and software-as-a-service delivered functionality is often focused upon the outsourced delivery of very specific components – components that by their nature are repeatable, easy to configure and easy to integrate with.

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