The Cyber Hut recently ran a 7 day community poll on LinkedIn asking which of four big-ticket items will organisations be looking at from an identity and access management point of view.
Our first webinar of 2023, will take a look at the role of cyber insurance for the modern enterprise - the current growth in cyber insurance demand, how it can help protect an organisation and how it can be optimised - via reduced premiums and improved payouts.

Passwordless authentication is often described as improving both the usability and security aspects of both the employee and customer identity journeys. Many approaches to passwordless have emerged over the last 5 years - including hardware, software, biometric and standards based initiatives.

In November 2021, The Cyber Hut released a 61 page buyer guide for passwordless authentication, describing the vendor capabilities, requirements, integration options, B2E and B2C use cases and planning recommendations for migration.

A brief snapshot of questions to consider, when engaging software based solution providers in this space is described here.

In the last 3 years or so, we have seen huge interest in the need to improve authentication techniques, that deliver a passwordless MFA experience. What is stopping adoption?
Join Simon Moffatt Analyst from The Cyber Hut and Ian Sorbello Principal Solutions Architect from Transmit Security on April 7th, for a fascinating industry fireside chat event, where they’ll be discussing all things account take over – from the rise to the eventual countermeasures. Southeast Asia is suffering from an outbreak of account takeover (ATO) […]
Some items that have hit The Cyber Hut intelligence inboxes this week. State of Passwordless Authentication 2022 HYPR HYPR, a provider of passwordless authentication, recently released their updated passwordless authentication report (sign up required). The commissioned report focuses on describing the weaknesses associated with existing authentication components. The basic username and password is under increasing […]
Planning Recommendations for implementation of Passwordless Authentication. Covering Existing Modals Inventory, Device & User Inventory, Pilot, Case Study Analysis and Roadmapping.

100+ questions that can be used during the request for proposal phase of vendor engagement for Passwordless Authentication providers.

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An analysis of Consumer Use Cases for Passwordless Authentication

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An analysis of Employee Use Cases for Passwordless Authentication

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