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CISO Briefing Inquiry services provide an expert voice for a range of projects.

Whether you are a looking to engage a vendor and design an RFP, perform a maturity assessment for an existing identity and access management investment or enable a team on market technologies, the CISO Briefing service can provide a range of PAYG, retained and workshop based support.

PAYG Per Hour CISO Advisory Services

Value Discovery

per hour

Driving value from identity investments

  • Business outcome mapping
  • Technology mapping
  • Capability analysis
  • Coverage
  • Performance
  • Effectiveness

Vendor & Product Review

per hour

Understanding vendor position and capabilities

  • Capabilities analysis
  • Product description
  • Architecture review
  • Market fit
  • Technology SWOT
  • Integration

Market Classification

per hour

Understanding existing and emerging identity technology

  • Market review
  • Use cases
  • Capabilities
  • Key vendors
  • Trends
  • Competitive analysis

Retained CISO Advisory Inquiry Services

CISO Advisory Inquiry services can be used as part of a more engaged and proactive analyst relations strategy. This can provide a more detailed and long term relationship to enhance vendor procurement, architecture design and maturity assessment.

  • 1 Inquiry Call a Quarter
  • Inquiry via Conference Call
  • Inquiry via Email
  • 1 Inquiry Call a Month
  • Inquiry via Conference Call
  • Inquiry via Email
  • Documentation Review

Architecture Roadmap Feedback

Receive feedback regarding existing or up and coming architecture plans.

Use Case Discussion

Discuss existing and emerging use cases and product usage options.


Receive feedback on messaging, language and project rollout narrative.

CISO Identity Strategy Workshops

Inquiry time can be condensed into half day and full day workshops, helping to provide strategic guidance and feedback regarding product selection, existing investment return on investment and future architecture decisions.  Workshops can be remote or in person and include pre and post event documentation review.


Discuss existing technology landscape and integration options.


Receive strength, weakness, threat and opportunity analysis on existing vendors.

Market Positioning

Understand existing or emerging market positions and trends.

Example Topic Areas

Cloud Identity

Passwordless Authentication

MFA Design

Biometric Selection

Identity Centric Zero Trust Design

PII Identity Data
Protection Strategy

Access Control

Cloud Identity
Governance Selection

Identity Threat Detection