A review of the recent re-brand of Microsoft Entra for their IAM capabilities and the results of two community polls relating to Microsoft adoption.
Over a 4 week period I asked the preferred deployment model option for four key identity and access management services: consumer identity, workforce access management, identity governance and administration and privileged access management. The results where subtle and nuanced.
An overview and introduction to ConductorOne, an identity governance automation platform.

A review of authorization related features added to Google Cloud Platform between 2019-2022.

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A few items to appear in The Cyber Hut intelligence inboxes this week. Styra Launches Cloud Native Entitlements Solution Styra, the authorization startup behind Open Policy Agent, recently announced another solution to their kit bag. Their Cloud Native Entitlements approach seems to be aimed at bringing a distributed and replicated approach to entitlements management – […]
Google provides a range of cloud related identity and access management services. Let’s take a look at the release note updates between January 1st 2019 and December 31st 2019. The full release notes page is available here. Google Cloud IAM provides “Fine-grained access control and visibility for centrally managing cloud resources.”. The basic feature list […]
A discussion on modern identity governance and administration requirements and why many projects are in distress.
Our latest community poll was focused on the ever growing murmur that many privileged access management (PAM) and identity governance and administration (IGA) capabilities are either starting to overlap, or dedicated solution providers from each world are starting to add in "lite" functions from each others feature set.
The Cyber Hut recently ran a 7 day community poll on LinkedIn asking which of four big-ticket items will organisations be looking at from an identity and access management point of view.
Machines are eating the world. Or is it software? No wait, it's AI. In someways, it will likely be none, neither or all. I don't think any will make us all extinct, yet automation, the use of machines and services (powered by clever software) will certainly be doing more for us as humans than ever before - as employees, customers and citizens.