PAYG and subscription based access to impartial expert vendor analysis.

Identity and Access Management can be complicated. Use cases evolve. Vendors baffle us with buzz words, jargon and unique features. Yet, the buy side want clarity, consolidation and understanding.

The Cyber Hut Vendor Intelligence offerings, provide immediate and continual independent vendor analysis and comment to support various stages of due diligence and market awareness.

Understanding the global Identity and Access Management space, is easy as one, two, three.

1 – iam radar

Market understanding

Continual industry comment across a range of established vendors – using a curated list of their social narrative, product news, case studies, funding and events.

2 – vendor assessment

executive summary

Leverage a high level executive research report on a selected vendor – using open source intelligence, vendor briefings and desk based research.

3 – technology test drive

virtual proof of concept

A detailed long read product labs report performed as a virtual proof of concept. Software usage, implementation and step by step screen shots and comment.

  • Expert Comment
  • Continual Intelligence
  • Social Media Tracking
  • Product Releases
  • News & Events
  • Monthly Subscription
  • Key Facts
  • Funding
  • Case Studies Analysis
  • Technology Review
  • Strengths & Challenges
  • Available for Vendor Reprint
  • Detailed Software Testing
  • Use Case Focused
  • Step by Step
  • Screen Shots and Comment
  • Virtual PoC
  • Available for Vendor Reprint

Augmented Vendor Intelligence.
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IAM Radar – Monthly Tracking & Analyst Comment

Curated headlines and expert industry analyst comment across a range of established and emerging vendors in the global identity and access management space to provide an immediate and continual report based on pragmatic and actionable insight.

IAM Radar – Established Market

Example Vendors

  • Auth0
  • CyberArk
  • ForgeRock
  • Okta
  • Ping Identity
  • Sailpoint

IAM Radar – Emerging Trends

Authorization – Example Vendors

Passwordless MFA – Example Vendors

Consumer IAM – Example Vendors

  • Axiomatics
  • Cloudentity
  • PlainID
  • SGNL
  • 3Edges
  • Aserto
  • Styra
  • 1Kosmos
  • Beyond Identity
  • HYPR
  • Magic Link
  • Secret Double Octopus
  • Stytch
  • LoginRadius
  • OneWelcome
  • Strivacity
  • Transmit Security
  • Trustbuilder
  • Ubisecure
  • Quasr

IAM Radar Subscription Options

Flexible subscription based pricing to support the buy side, investment and consultancy communities.

emerging trends
  • Emerging Vendors
  • Curated Headlines
  • News
  • Funding
£ Free
established market
  • All in Emerging Trends
  • Tracking of Established Vendors
  • Curated Headlines
  • Expert Comment
  • Optional Inquiry & Advisory
£ 25

/ month

Browse Open Source Signals Trackers

Signals trackers provide a snapshot point in time view of some of the leading vendors in a particular emerging identity and access management category, based on open source intelligence and publicly available data signals.

Consumer Identity


External Authorization

Cloud Orchestration

Identity Threat Detection & Response

Declarative Enforcement