We ran another anecdotal community poll recently, asking whether this area of service IAM should be termed as "workload identity" or the more emerging "non-human identity".
So in this respect how does a workload differ from a machine? Well machines will typically be host centric and operating system related. That could be anything from bare metal servers (remember those?) right through to more specific devices working in the IoT, industrial IoT, aviation, transport or medical spaces....
A discussion on the need to consider identity management as a set of life cycles - for expansion into the workload and NHI spaces.
Our latest community poll was focused on the ever growing murmur that many privileged access management (PAM) and identity governance and administration (IGA) capabilities are either starting to overlap, or dedicated solution providers from each world are starting to add in "lite" functions from each others feature set.
Machines are eating the world. Or is it software? No wait, it's AI. In someways, it will likely be none, neither or all. I don't think any will make us all extinct, yet automation, the use of machines and services (powered by clever software) will certainly be doing more for us as humans than ever before - as employees, customers and citizens.
IAM 2 Identity & Access Management Industry Analysis Map We track a range of established and emerging vendors in the global identity and access management ecosystem. Established vendors provide us with meta-knowledge regarding market dynamics, funding, customer budget maturity and stable use cases.  We also track more emerging technologies that relate to IAM in order to […]
A review of the recent re-brand of Microsoft Entra for their IAM capabilities and the results of two community polls relating to Microsoft adoption.

An analysis of Employee Use Cases for Passwordless Authentication

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The following are some interesting articles and stories that have hit The Cyber Hut inboxes this week – mainly funding and market related. Trulioo Receives Series D Funding at a Valuation of $1.75 billion Identity verification provider Trulioo saw a pretty large series D round of $394 million drop this week. That’s a pretty large […]