Join our founder Simon Moffatt in our next industry webinar, where he will be in conversation with cloud identity governance and administration provider Omada on the concept of cloud IGA. Identity Governance and Administration is now entering a new age – where the IGA problem statement has evolved, the opportunity to innovate and improve productivity are all around, yet many organizations are struggling with fragile and static on-premises IGA technologies built for yesterday’s problems.
A discussion on modern identity governance and administration requirements and why many projects are in distress.
Our latest community poll was focused on the ever growing murmur that many privileged access management (PAM) and identity governance and administration (IGA) capabilities are either starting to overlap, or dedicated solution providers from each world are starting to add in "lite" functions from each others feature set.
Join us on August 22nd at 4pm UK time for our latest industry webinar where our founder Simon Moffatt will be in conversation with Alex Bovee - CEO at ConductorOne, a leader in identity centric security. Identity Governance and Administration has been with us over 2 decades - yet the problem statement it tries to solve gets larger and the solution set continues to innovate.
An overview and introduction to ConductorOne, an identity governance automation platform.
A discussion on the need to consider identity management as a set of life cycles - for expansion into the workload and NHI spaces.
A discussion on why existing IGA projects are often in distress and how a more agile data automation approach can streamline process and improve application connectivity.
In light of the recent integration of ForgeRock into Ping Identity, The Cyber Hut has received numerous inquiry calls regarding potential integrations, feature overlap, next steps and existing deployment advice. To that end, we're making available a basic feature comparison matrix that highlights the basic capabilities each vendor as in each of the main identity areas of B2E and B2C. This matrix was compiled using publicly available references with peer review by those who have implemented ForgeRock or Ping technologies in the last 3 years.
A discussion on how role based access control may still deliver business value, if deployed in a slightly different way.
Assessment and Advisory for Cyber Security and IAM Solution Providers Receive voice of the customer, use case analysis and market positioning support to help product integration and improve client value.  The What Iterative analysis, comment and feedback on pitch and position, product demonstration and go to market strategy. The Benefits Independent expert comment on product […]