We’ve created this Usage Policy page for you, the Licensed User, to better understand the rules and practical scenarios, this Usage Policy is intended to cover and to help you use the services within your contractual entitlements; and also get the most value from your relationship with The Cyber Hut.


Thank you for purchasing a License to a piece of Research from The Cyber Hut.

Baseline License: This Usage Policy constitutes a baseline license that is generally applicable to Licensed Users who have purchased access to The Cyber Hut research content.

Product Specific Usage: As The Cyber Hut product portfolio continues to expand, even baseline usage parameters may slightly vary by the type of content the client has purchased. If a Licensed User is unclear as to how a usage parameter in this Usage Policy applies to the Report they have purchased, they should contact sales@thecyberhut.com for further information.

While The Cyber Hut owns all right, title and interest in the The Cyber Hut Research, we are licensing it to you, the Licensed User, under the following conditions:

  1. You May Download It: You may download the Research document as many times as agreed in purchased product’s description. This will typically be for a single copy unless otherwise specified by sales@thecyberhut.com.
  2. You May Open It: You may open as many The Cyber Hut Research documents as you like under the terms of your license, provided that such opening is: (i) for your personal use and (ii) within your job role
  3. You May Print It: You may print a The Cyber Hut Research document for your personal use in your job role, but not for sharing with any third-party either inside or outside the organisation, provided that such printing is: (i) for your personal use and (ii) within your job role
  4. You May Share It: You may share an excerpted (up to 5 sentences) or derivative version of the The Cyber Hut Research, but not the entire Research document, so long as such sharing is (i) internal within your organisation and (ii) in support of your job role and is not done with the intent or effect of avoiding the purchase of additional User licenses.

The following uses constitute unacceptable sharing of The Cyber Hut Research:

You may not share The Cyber Hut Research in either printed or electronic format with any third-party individual either internal or external to your organisation. You may not share The Cyber Hut Research with any third-party groups either internal or external to your organisation via email, intranet posting, or other information storage & retrieval systems.


Thank you for purchasing an Inquiry product from The Cyber Hut.

You may use our Inquiry Sessions (or Written Responses, as applicable and approved) to discuss:

  • Key questions or decisions you are facing
  • Interpretation of The Cyber Hut Research
  • Reviews of business-related documents (relating to architecture or process)

Each Inquiry product call may cover up to 2 additional colleagues. Those colleagues are to be employed by the same company and not external consultants to the company.

Notes maybe taken during the inquiry call, for use and sharing with colleagues only.

Inquiry calls must not be recorded.

For further details please email sales@thecyberhut.com

Last Updated: 1st April 2021.