Human elements of security


technology & product management


security governance models & frameworks


security economics


security architecture

A few things we’re great at

The Cyber Hut is singularly focused on the global cyber and information security market. Whether you are procuring a maritime secure communications platform, analysing the the drone cyber security market or seeking the latest startup investment patterns, The Cyber Hut will have an opinion. 

Some of the technology areas we cover include: 


Microsoft Azure. Google Cloud Platform. Amazon Web Services. IBM Cloud. Oracle Cloud.


Identity & Access Management. Authentication Authorization. MFA. PAM. Passwordless. Biometrics

network & Comms

SASE. Zero Trust. CARTA. Edge Authorization.  Web Application Firewall. Gateways. Sidecars. Proxies.


Key Management Systems. Encryption as a Service. Privacy Enablement.  Application Level Encryption.


Risk Management. ISO27001/2. NIST Cyber Security Framework. FAIR. OWASP. CIS Controls.


APIs. Microservices. Security as Code. Runtime Application Self Protection. DevSecOps

data security

Data Loss Prevention. Cloud Access Security Broker. Database Encryption. Data Mining & Sharing.


Smart cards. Internet of Things. Trusted Platform Module. Secure Elements. ID cards. RFID

Cyber security is omnipresent

Security design, implementation and controls are applicable to many sectors and verticals in both the private and public sector. The Cyber Hut develops research for a range of sectors and use cases, focused on the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets. 

Some examples of our more focused research areas include:

national security strategies

big data processing and classification

cyber physical and kinetic integration

transportation security – planes, trains and automotive

cyber security for drones

information and cyber warfare defence and counter measures