We track a range of established and emerging vendors in the global identity and access management ecosystem. Established vendors provide us with meta-knowledge regarding market dynamics, funding, customer budget maturity and stable use cases.  We also track more emerging technologies that relate to IAM in order to identify innovation at the edge of the ecosystem. 

 Perhaps trendy, perhaps a trend – but by monitoring specialist use cases and new vendors, a general picture of momentum can be created. 

We also track a range of other vendors in orthogonal technology areas such as data security , ICS/OT and IoT  that have a specific focus on IAM.

Category Descriptions

A look at how the market stabilises with respect to use cases, capabilities and features.

established iam specialists

Vendors are specialist providers of IAM, PAM or IGA capabilities and have typically operated for more than 7 years and have 500 or more staff.

established non-iam specialists

Vendors that are established at delivering functions for data security, networking or infrastructure with some emerging IAM capabilities.

IGA and Permissions management

Identity Governance and Administration capabilities focused on access request, access review, permissions management, hygiene and analytics.

authorization and access control

Cloud or hybrid providers of policy decision point and policy enforcement capabilities for a range of protected assets from APIs to data.

iam for

Emerging sector for the naming. authentication and access control for non-human identities, workloads and services.


Vendors improving existing end to end and platform ways of delivering B2E identity and access management


Emerging vendors looking at external B2C customer, consumer and citizen based identity and access management looking to fuse privacy, security and user experience.

software authentication

Specialists delivering converged authentication, MFA, biometric, passwordless and potentially identity verification services via software.

identity threat detection & response

Providing identity security posture management, hygiene and runtime behaviour analytics for all identity services.


Providing specialist capabilities that allows for the cross-function high availability and fail over of key identity services.

iam for infrastructure

Authentication, access control and governance in a specialist field of cloud-centric infrastructure and computing services