Expert independent industry opinion.

Analyst Inquiry services provide an expert voice for a range of projects.

Whether you are a Chief Product Officer looking for feedback on a latest go to market strategy, or a Chief Marketing Officer looking to understand emerging use cases, capabilities or requirements, our retained and PAYG inquiry services can assist in providing specialist knowledge and decision facilitation. 

What are analyst inquiry hours and what can I use them for?

what is an analyst inquiry?

An inquiry connects industry leaders and product company executives with independent specialists – able to provide impartial guidance.

why schedule a call?

If you are looking to understand market trends, vendor capabilities or competitive positioning an analyst inquiry can provide actionable insights.

how do they work?

An inquiry typically lasts 60 mins – and can be run remotely over a range of conference call capabilities. Up to three client representatives can be present and an NDA can be signed in advance.

how to get started

The inquiry process typically starts by providing us with questions or topics you want to discuss. The lead time is typically between 5-10 working days.

PAYG Per Hour Inquiry Services

Go to Market Strategy

per hour

For Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Product Officers

  • Market classification
  • Problem statement
  • Requirements
  • Go to market
  • Customer description
  • Emerging patterns

Vendor & Product Review

per hour

For Product Leaders, Designers, Architects

  • Capabilities analysis
  • Product design
  • Architecture review
  • Market fit
  • Technology SWOT
  • Integration

Market Classification

per hour

For Venture Capitalists, Private Equity, Financial Analysts

  • Market review
  • Use cases
  • Capabilities
  • Key vendors
  • Trends
  • Competitive analysis

Retained Analyst Inquiry Services

Analyst Inquiry services can be used as part of a more engaged and proactive analyst relations strategy. This can provide a more detailed and long term relationship to enhance go to market understanding, competitive positioning and technology capabilities.

  • 1 Inquiry Call a Quarter
  • Inquiry via Conference Call
  • Inquiry via Email
  • 1 Inquiry Call a Month
  • Inquiry via Conference Call
  • Inquiry via Email
  • Documentation Review

Product Roadmap Feedback

Receive feedback regarding existing or up and coming product roadmap launches.

Use Case Discussion

Discuss existing and emerging use cases and product usage options.


Receive feedback on messaging, language and product narrative.

Strategy Workshops

Inquiry time can be condensed into half day and full day workshops, helping to provide strategic guidance and feedback regarding product design, feature priority and go to market messaging.  Workshops can be remote or in person and include pre and post event documentation review.


Discuss existing technology landscape and integration options


Receive strength, weakness, threat and opportunity analysis.

Market Positioning

Understand existing or emerging market positions and trends.

Engage an Analyst

Simon Moffatt

Founder and Analyst

Specialities: authentication, authorization, cloud, data security, access management, consumer, IAM economics, market intelligence, go to market