Expert independent opinion at the end of a phone. 

 you need, when you need it.

Inquiry services provide an expert voice for a range of projects.

Whether you’re a venture capitalist wanting a 1 hour briefing on the latest passwordless technology suppliers, a CISO looking to understand whether Zero Trust is fluff or for real, or a data privacy vendor looking to understand emerging use cases – sometimes a call is all you need.

Service Units: The secret of success

The Cyber Hut understands, that you may not know or need all of your analysis requirements on day 1. 

Projects change. Requirements evolve. The competition are dynamic. 

To that end, you can purchase Service Units that allow you to augment advisory services into your projects as you need.

known up front costs

Each Service Unit has a set fixed cost and equates to a single hour of advisory work.  Units are purchased in blocks of 10 and can be exchanged over a 90 day period.

Flexible Micro Support

Exchange anything from 1/2 a unit for a 30 minute informal briefing, to 10 units at a time for larger workshop or piece of research.

Service Unit Costings

Service Units can be purchased in blocks of 10 and and be exchanged over a 90 day period.  Each unit effectively equates to 1 hour of analyst support.

30 Service Units
  • Inquiry via Telephone
  • Custom Research
  • Exchange for Training
  • Documentation Review
  • Exchange for Existing Research
10 Service units
  • Inquiry Via Telephone
  • Inquiry via Email
  • Documentation Review
50 + service units
  • Long Term Retained
  • Inquiry
  • Workshops
  • Exchange for Training
  • Exchange for Existing Research