Threats evolve. 
So should a security architecture.

The Cyber Hut provides a range of support options for designing, evaluating and renewing architectures that pertain to the protection of identities, devices and high value information assets.

Security Architecture

Security Architecture Evaluation

Security Architecture Optimization


The Cyber Hut can design and assist in the design of new security platforms, products and software integrations.


Existing products and deployments often fail to deliver the necessary return on investment or lack the correct metrics to support business confidence.  The Cyber Hut can assist in deployment evaluation and maturity model comparison.


Existing security deployments often suffer from design fatigue; unable to deliver security and business value.  The Cyber Hut can help optimize existing investments and implementations.

A few things we’re great at:

The Cyber Hut can provide a range of fixed price or retained service architecture reviews, documentation reviews and workshops.

Employee Identity Provisioning and Governance

Reviews of existing employee identity provisioning and governance – including workflows, role based access control, system connectors, data flows, access request and identity certification and review.

Employee Access Management & Access Control

Reviews of existing employee access management – including authorization, policy design, enforcement architecture, policy based access control, attribute based access control, role based access control.

Consumer Identity & Access Management

Reviews of existing or new designs for external facing identity platforms for consumer, customer and citizen style interactions.  Including onboarding, authentication, consent management and privacy by design.

OAuth2/OpenID Connect/API Security Design

Reviews of existing and new implementations regarding OAuth2 , for the protection of APIs and microservices. Implementation review, token management and access design.

Identity & Security for the Internet of Things

Reviews of existing smart or constrained IoT infrastructure – focused upon device identity services, user pairing, authorization and token management.

User Authentication – MFA & Passwordless

Analysis and review of existing user authentication flows – from enrolment, use, rotation/reset, migration and revocation for single/MFA or passwordless.