A 34 page guide for learning how to develop an assessment framework for people-centric authentication and login systems. Table of contents: Introduction Importance of Authentication Improved Security and Access Control Improved Trust and Accountability Compliance with Regulations Supporting Personalization and User Experience Foundation for Authorization Minimizing Insider Threats Importance of Authentication Testing Increased Adversarial Targeting […]
As part of The Cyber Hut's anecdotal community polls, we asked as an end user, what is your favourite biometric authentication option? The rise of device specific biometry to unlock our Android and iPhone based devices has increased in the last 3 years and many smart phone users will chose this over a basic PIN (albeit PIN is likely still needed after a hard reset).
I'm proud to announce today, the latest addition to The Cyber Hut online and in-person identity and access management training courses: Authentication Design & Management.

Our founder Simon Moffatt will be moderating a panel at the Future Identity Festival in London taking place on November 14-15th.

Authentication is the pinch point for all B2E and B2C application, service and website interactions - allowing organisations to deliver secure experiences. However it has its challenges - requiring broad use coverage and inclusivity, privacy by design, adaptive threat protection and future proofing.

Passwordless authentication is often described as improving both the usability and security aspects of both the employee and customer identity journeys. Many approaches to passwordless have emerged over the last 5 years - including hardware, software, biometric and standards based initiatives.

In November 2021, The Cyber Hut released a 61 page buyer guide for passwordless authentication, describing the vendor capabilities, requirements, integration options, B2E and B2C use cases and planning recommendations for migration.

A brief snapshot of questions to consider, when engaging software based solution providers in this space is described here.

Join our founder Simon Moffatt along with Michael Rothschild VP of Product Marketing at HYPR on August 22nd, where they'll be taking a look at authentication within the global financial services industry.

In this industry fireside chat webinar, Simon and Michael will take a look a the current challenges and opportunities that exist within the financial services industry as it pertains to authentication.

Join our Founder and Analyst Simon Moffatt on July 20th for our latest industry fireside chat, where he will be discussing the emerging area of SIM based authentication, with Paul McGuire, CEO of tru.id.
A selection of curated links relating to user login and authentication security controls and threat counter measures.
Join Simon Moffatt Analyst from The Cyber Hut and Ian Sorbello Principal Solutions Architect from Transmit Security on April 7th, for a fascinating industry fireside chat event, where they’ll be discussing all things account take over – from the rise to the eventual countermeasures. Southeast Asia is suffering from an outbreak of account takeover (ATO) […]
Join Simon Moffatt, Founder & Analyst of The Cyber Hut and Gal Steinberg, VP of Product at Keyless on March 29th where they'll be discussing the growing need for friction-free authentication in the light of growing regulation and fintech innovation.