Our founder Simon Moffatt will be moderating a panel at the Future Identity Festival in London taking place on November 14-15th.

Authentication is the pinch point for all B2E and B2C application, service and website interactions – allowing organisations to deliver secure experiences. However it has its challenges – requiring broad use coverage and inclusivity, privacy by design, adaptive threat protection and future proofing.

The use of mobile devices as part of the authentication flow – or indeed as the primary device accessing a service or app – brings new opportunities and challenges.

The panel, taking place on November 15th is titled: Is the future of authentication mobile?”.

As mobile quickly becomes a primary channel for payments and financial services businesses, securely authenticating mobile customers is a priority. OTPs and knowledge-based methods of 2FA create user friction and remain vulnerable to attacks, but can the features built into mobile devices be leveraged for faster and stronger authentication? Can mobile network intelligence help to identify fraud in real-time?

The expert panel contains:

  • Ravneet Shah, Chief Technology Officer, Allica Bank
  • Fabian Eberle, COO & Co-Founder, Keyless
  • Mark Haine, eKYC & IDA Working Group Co-chair, OpenID Foundation
  • Philip Bonhard, Head of Design – Payments, Fraud and Financial Crime, Lloyds Banking Group
  • Helene Vigue, Identity and Data Director, GSMA
  • Simon Moffatt, CEO & Research Analyst, The Cyber Hut (Moderator)



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