Join Simon Moffatt Analyst from The Cyber Hut and Ian Sorbello Principal Solutions Architect from Transmit Security on April 7th, for a fascinating industry fireside chat event, where they’ll be discussing all things account take over – from the rise to the eventual countermeasures.

Southeast Asia is suffering from an outbreak of account takeover (ATO) attacks targeting vulnerable consumers. Fraudsters are racking up billions in illegitimate purchases — and driving your customers away with every successful hack. It’s time to take back control by eliminating the attack vector used in more than 80% of ATOs: passwords.

During this fireside chat they’ll be discussing:

  • The ATO backstory
  • Why Now? Why Worry?
  • The Tactics, Techniques & Procedures of ATO attacks
  • Counter Measures using Passwordless Authentication

Register for the webinar here.



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