Join us for our next free industry webinar in April: The Evolution of Authorization: How To Achieve Zero Standing Privileges.

Organisations are struggling to deliver applications and services on time, often due to hard coded permissions and access control components. Coupled with that, emerging threats and a lack of dynamic and contextual policy controls are increasing risk to key data assets.

In our April webinar, our founder Simon Moffatt will be joined by two identity industry veterans – Atul Tulshibagwale CTO at authorization provider SGNL and Ian Glazer former industry analyst and Salesforce identity VP and now founder and president at Weave Identity – as they discuss the ever changing role of authorization and how new concepts such as Zero Standing Privileges, Dynamic Access and the Continuous Access Evaluation Profile can help organisations deliver highly secure and business enabling access control solutions.

Authorization is no longer just the purview of complex systems or those under regulatory pressures – access control is a key business enabler that accelerates data sharing, collaboration and productivity initiatives, as well as being foundational to architectures that leverage zero trust or identity-centric security.

They will discuss:

  • The authorization back story and the limitations of existing systems
  • Challenges to the modern enterprise – how emerging threats, static policies and a lack of context increase risk
  • Modern solutions – a discuss on CAEP, ZSP and Dynamic Access

Register here.



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