Join us on Sept 27th for our latest industry webinar. We will be launching our latest industry report on Identity Threat Detection and Response, as well as hosting an industry panel of global identity and access management experts and leaders, to discuss the threats to our critical IAM infrastructure.

August saw the release of our latest industry report on the emerging market for ITDR. This 39 page report covers the business challenges, origins, definition, capabilities, vendor analysis and buyer recommendations for this important new sector. Download a sample here.

In our webinar on Sept 27th, our founder and report author Simon Moffatt will introduce the key findings from the report.

Many organisations are facing issues with respect to visibility and management of what is becoming an ever more distributed IAM capability set – yet identity is becoming more critical to both business and security success. To that end, adversarial activity against the core authentication, access control and directory service layers has increased in both volume and sophistication.

But the IAM defense landscape is complex. Many different tools, fragmented trust boundaries and a lack of integration is making both detection of suspicious activity and any recovery options difficult.

The webinar will look to tackle some of these keys themes along with an expert panel discussion to cover some of the key threats facing IAM leaders globally.

Watch the webinar here.

Order the ITDR report here.



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