Join us on Wednesday November 10th for a free 60 minute launch event webinar for our latest buyer’s guide focused on passwordless authentication and associated technology.

Our buyer’s guide for passwordless authentication was released on October 18th after a 10 week research effort, analysing the key vendors, design patterns and capabilities in the space. We all hate passwords, yet every day we login to both workplace and consumer systems with the dreaded username and password.

Our buyer’s guide is a 61 page long read research report to help buy-side decision makers understand the history, requirements and capabilities of the emerging trend for passwordless login.

This 60 minute launch event webinar will see the report author Simon Moffatt introduce the topic and discuss the following:

  • The Drivers & Background of Passwordless
  • The Increased Triggers for Identity Verification
  • The Difference Between Passwordless and Passwordless Experience
  • Last 3 Years Passwordless VC Funding
  • Employee & Consumer Use Cases
  • Authentication Life Cycle
  • Capability Analysis

Register for the event here.

The buyer’s guide is available to purchase here from The Cyber Hut digital store. For multi-seat enterprise licenses or for redistribution please contact us.


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