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The Cyber Hut, the leading boutique industry analyst firm specialising in identity, access and cyber security technology, announced the release of a Buyer’s Guide for Passwordless Technology. The 61 page report is the result of a 12 week project analysing the vendors, use cases and capabilities associated with modern software based multi factor authentication (MFA) that at its foundation no longer relies on passwords and shared secrets.

“Passwordless authentication is the key control for 2022 due to zero trust, home working & digital transformation. This guide will improve market understanding of this critical area of cyber security.”

Simon Moffatt, Founder at The Cyber Hut

Many organisations are turning to secure, yet highly usable MFA solutions that can empower digital transformation for
consumers, customers and citizens as well as empowering modern, distributed and zero-trust based architectures for
workplace services and employees.

According to Crunchbase, over $770 million has been invested into vendors supplying passwordless based authentication products since January 2018.

The Cyber Hut Buyer’s Guide for Passwordless technology provides a thorough grounding in the history and origins of MFA, before analysing both the employee and consumer use cases for modern software based passwordless MFA. The report introduces the 6 step authentication life cycle focused on the Enrol, Use, Add, Migrate, Reset & Removal of passwordless credentials before analysing 34 capability areas with over 140 RFI/RFP questions to ask vendors and

The following vendors were analysed as part of the process (in alphabetical order): 1Kosmos, Beyond Identity, Hypr,, Secret Double Octopus, Transmit Security, and Veridium.

Individual vendor assessments are available on each of these vendors from The Cyber Hut digital
analyst store

The full 61 page report is available to purchase for £399 from the The Cyber Hut digital analyst store – for single
seat enterprise use. For other license types and redistribution please contact us.

An 8 page sample is available for download.

About The Cyber Hut

The Cyber Hut is the leading boutique industry analyst firm specialising in identity, access and cyber security technology. By supporting both buy side decision makers and sell side suppliers, they reduce procurement
complexity and improve market understanding of cyber security technology, through a range of analyst products and services – including buyer’s guides, primary research, whitepapers, RFP templates, inquiry and advisory services.

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To view the full press release see here.


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