What is driving the demand for new authorization models, software vendors and emerging authorization design patterns? This discusses previous failures of RBAC and XACML as well as modern architecture patterns such as identity centricity and the business mesh.

I recently ran another of my highly scientific industry polls - via LinkedIn to get a feel for this years spending patterns as they pertain to some emerging identity and access management technology areas. I have been tracking four emerging areas over the past 8 months or so, including Passwordless Authentication (where The Cyber Hut released a 61 page buyer guide last year), Cloud Identity/Infrastructure Entitlements Management, Decoupled Authorization and Identity Threat Detection and Response.

All four areas have had significant venture capitalist funding over the past 36 months and the use cases and capabilities of each have started to stabilise to a point where buy side procurement and integration is becoming consistent and vendors are identifying their competitive go to market narratives.

So my poll was essentially asking, which of these areas would a buy-side practitioner look to invest in during 2022?

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