Today’s analyst notes features some interesting stories, articles and links that have appeared in The Cyber Hut intelligence inbox over the last week or so.

What are NFT’s?

Whilst not strictly a security related product, non-fungible-tokens or NFT’s are making many headlines over the last month or two. They use some interesting cryptographic primitives, to create digital assets that are essentially stored in a blockchain. They open up some interesting new ways to appropriate ownership of objects and create markets for authenticity. This podcast (and transcript) by a16z is a good primer.

On Prem or Cloud? Which is riskier?

Cloud security management org Orca Security, have a new blog focused on debunking some of the typical discussion points around moving to the cloud. Do you need backups in a cloud model? Isn’t on-prem more secure? Some typical discussion points that many face when building cases for cloud migration.

March’s Cyber Mergers & Acquisitions

SecurityWeek published a brief high level article focused on the merger and acquisition activity that occurred in the cyber security sector throughout March. Some big moves, including Okta’s acquisition of Auth0 in the identity and access management space.

2021 Threat Report

DarkTrace have created a report looking at some of the main threats ready to hit us in 2021, including: Remote Working, SaaS Account Takeover, The Rise of “Fearware” (interesting term), Server Side Attacks and Ransomware (again, still). Note you need to give up your burner email address for the report.

Do You Know Where Your Creds Are?

Security observability vendor Uptycs, posted a blog looking at how to take stock of long term credentials. Basically, make sure they are not being stored on disk anywhere – in code, on virtual machines, in containers etc. The blog contains some tips on how to search for them.

Sharing Threat Intel for Cyber Defence

Threat intelligence sharing vendor IronNet published a blog recently looking how a collaboration with investor C5 Capital and an alliance of cyber vendors, aims to assist the healthcare sector in protecting themselves from complex external threats. It brings up some interesting concepts around the conflict between privacy preservation and collaborative threat protection.

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