There have been some topical things drop in the mailbox of The Cyber Hut this week; namely the noise surrounding US/UK relations with Russia regarding active cyber measures. But meanwhile, the following other topics seemed of interest.

World Economic Forum – Pathway to Cyber Resilient Aviation Industry

The WEF published a report this week alongside integrator Deloitte, focused on an analysis of the current issues facing the global aviation industry from a cyber perspective. The report is a free download and raises concerns around supply chain risk management and under investment in cyber technologies as some main concerns. Does the reduction in air travel due to Covid, help or hinder controls for cyber resilence here?


Yes, it sounds like a game from the 1990’s, but it’s the latest piece of AI tooling Microsoft have open sourced. The Microsoft 365 Defender research team released a blog explaining exactly what the concept aims to achieve. It focuses on post breach attacker lateral movement analysis, helping to understand behaviour. The use of “autonomous” agents to discover other network nodes and perform exploitations seems to be the aim of the Python based project.

Microsoft Acquires Nuance

Whilst we’re talking about Microsoft, they announced this week they splashed nearly $20 billion on voice authentication provider Nuance. Nuance have a strong focus on the healthcare market and their solution already sits atop of Azure, so seems a logical integration process. It seems Microsoft is not only driving ahead as being cloud first, but also looking to develop vertical solutions on-top of their generic horizontal capabilities within Azure.

Cloudflare Adds AI to the Edge

I don’t mean the Edge out of U2. Albeit that would be interesting. Cloudflare announced this week they partnered with GPU specialists Nvidia to deliver artificial intelligence capabilities at “the edge” of their delivery network. Nvidia are specialists in number crunching hardware amongst other things and Cloudflare are leveraging that hardware power to allow their customers to build AI based applications away from centralised cloud services.

Introducing ThycoticCentrify

PAM provider Thycotic announced this week their integration with Centrify has completed on the surface at least under the new name of “ThycoticCentrify”. Interesting name. Albeit apparently it’s a temporary one, until a full re-brand occurs later in 2021.

Cisco Lose Their Password

Duo Security, an acquisition made by Cisco a few years ago to boost their identity centric zero trust ambitions, is to be part of an “infrastructure agnostic” push by Cisco for passwordless authentication. They announced it this week and the concept is based on WebAuthN, the passwordless standard driven by the W3C based on asymmetric cryptography.

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