Some interesting titbits that have appeared in The Cyber Hut inboxes this week….

You can’t protect what you don’t know about…

Asset management solution provider Axonius released a report recently describing the increased need for asset discovery and management. So clearly a solution provider in that space, telling us that their solution is needed is no new thing. The report however, reveals some interesting snippets of information – namely the pandemic and drive for remote working has caused a sky rocket in the use of new technologies, public cloud services and an increase in overall complexity. None of which seem like a good combination for simple security management. The TLDR seems to be you can’t protect what you don’t know about. Seems fair.

Top Gun Goes Zero Trust

Xage, a zero trust (yes another one) based supplier focused on “security for the real world”, announced a new partnership with the US Air Force Mobility Command. The partnership is to focus on the maintenance workflows that exist in some of the world’s most complex and advanced fighter planes. The digitisation of flight line operations increases operational efficiency, but clearly opens up a new attack vector. It seems Xage has a solution for the integrity of that maintenance data and how it is used and shared. Interesting stuff. It leverages a PDP/PEP distributed architecture based on blockchain for integrity.

Darktrace IPO

Darktrace – the darling of the UK cyber scene – IPO’d this morning and shares immediately rose ~40%. That put them on to a healthy valuation of ~$1.7 billion. Can that be sustained? Darktrace provide an AI cyber security platform. Formed in 2013, they’ve had over $230 million in funding, so a $1 billion+ valuation was expected. Can it be sustained?

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