Next week The Cyber Hut founder and research analyst Simon Moffatt will be hosting an industry webinar alongside Fabian Eberle from Keyless – where they’ll be discussing how the rise of attacks against one time password based modes of authentication, has created a driver towards secure and usable biometric ways of logging in and completing transactions.

In this industry webinar, The Cyber Hut founder Simon Moffatt will be in discussion with Fabian Eberle, COO and co-founder of Keyless – a leader in privacy preserving biometric authentication solutions.

With the continued rise of attacks against legacy multi-factor authentication options such as one-time passwords, is now the time to be deploying enterprise biometrics for both workforce and consumers ecosystems at scale?

In this webinar Simon and Fabian will cover:

-> The rise of OTP fraud
-> Attack types and costs
-> Not all biometrics are the same
-> The role of privacy in biometric usage
-> Current and future use cases

Register for the webinar here.



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