Join us on Wednesday November 17th for a 60 minute fireside chat with Simon Moffatt of The Cyber Hut and Ian Sorbello of Transmit Security, where they will discuss the emerging challenges of consumer identity and how to streamline user experiences by ridding passwords from a range of applications, devices and services to drive revenue and improve user happiness.

We all hate passwords, but none more so, than users accessing services as consumers, customers and citizens. We all remember how something makes us feel and poor registration, login and credential reset journeys are often acting as barriers to the very service we wish to access or the purchase we wish to complete.

Consumer Challenges

In this 60 minute fireside chat webinar, Simon and Ian will discuss the existing challenges consumers face such as disjointed experiences, a lack of empowerment or self sufficiency and a lack of trust with regards to how the service will handle security and their personal data.

Consumer Requirements

But what do consumers really need? It seems clear that streamlined experiences, access consistency across a range of devices and systems and the application of security at the right time would immediately increase happiness and improve user acquisition and retention rates.

Is The Future Here Today?

Can those requirements be fulfilled today? Do we have the technology and the know-how to implement secure yet usable digital platforms that empower and enrich consumer journeys?

Find out in this free 60 minute fireside chat.

Register here today.

About The Speakers

Simon Moffatt is Founder & Analyst at The Cyber Hut. He is a published author with over 20 years experience within the cyber and identity and access management sectors. His most recent book, “Consumer Identity & Access Management: Design Fundamentals”, is available on Amazon. He is a CISSP, CCSP, CEH, CISA and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Information Security. His 2021 research diary focuses upon “How To Kill The Password”, “Next Generation Authorization Technology” and “How IAM Countermeasures Can Defend Against Cyberwar”.

Ian Sorbello has dedicated his IT career to identity and access management, working in and around banking and finance for the last 19 years. In this time, Ian has worked as a software engineer, security architect, and product owner. He has led IAM programmes for major banks such as the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, and ran a digital transformation programme as Head of Technology, Security for HSBC Global in the UK. After a number of years independently consulting in Europe around PSD2 and Open Banking, Ian joined Transmit Security in 2019 as Sales Engineer across APAC, before moving into a global role in 2021 covering technical evangelism and marketing.


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