Our founder Simon Moffatt will be moderating a panel at the Future Identity conference in London next week. This one day event brings together leaders across a range of industry sectors who are looking to deliver a digital identity services that are privacy preserving, secure and usable.

Simon’s panel will focus upon “Identity, portability and privacy in a data-driven age”.

“In today’s world, we shop, bank, game, work and connect online. As customers, we are required to prove our identity time and again to access different services, each interaction leaving a trail of personal data. How do we move away from a siloed approach to identity and empower customers with control over their data and credentials? What approaches will enhance privacy and consent, while ensuring end-to-end security?”

Joining the panel will be:

  • Vanya Rakesh, Privacy Program Manager, Meta
  • George Kassis, Digital Identity Lead, Web3 Labs, Onyx by J.P. Morgan
  • Greg Mundell, Head of Portfolio and Delivery, Identity Platforms, Sky
  • Ivan Djordjevic, Principal Security Advisor, Salesforce

Registrations for the event are available here.



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