Join our founder Simon Moffatt on June 14th for a free 60 minute webinar taking a look at the large and growing market for consumer, customer and citizen based identity and access management (CIAM).

The last 5 years have seen a huge uplift in demand for external facing digital identity services that can help organisations in both the public and private sectors, attract, engage and build trust with communities of users.

CIAM platforms deliver a subtly different set of functional and non-functional requirements to that of employee (B2E) based IAM and will require a different set of measurement and metrics.

The 60 minute discussion will cover:

  • What is CIAM – how does it differ to IAM?
  • The CIAM lifecycle – onboarding, proofing, secure login, device binding, contextual and adaptive access, data management, profile management, account removal
  • Capabilities and Use Cases
  • Metrics and Measuring Success
  • Vendor Review – example vendors, capabilities and meta patterns

You can watch the webinar on demand – register below:



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