Join our founder Simon Moffatt along with Michael Rothschild VP of Product Marketing at HYPR on August 22nd, where they’ll be taking a look at authentication within the global financial services industry.

Financial services have continued to evolve ever since their inception – making it easier and more secure – to make purchases, transfer money, lend and register for banking services. However this historical nature, coupled with regulatory compliance, increased competitive pressure and a more consumer-centric digital focus, have placed new demands upon a complex and varied technical infrastructure.

In this industry fireside chat webinar, Simon and Michael will take a look a the current challenges and opportunities that exist within the financial services industry as it pertains to authentication.

The webinar will cover:

  • The state of authentication in financial services, including newly released research data
  • Existing identity and authentication assets and landscape — what we got right as an industry and where the gaps are
  • Identify the usability, security and coverage of existing authentications journeys for staff and customers
  • Guidance for closing the perception vs. reality gap and a roadmap to get us there

Register today via Zoom.



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