This article takes a look at funding into the identity and access management vendor space between January and June 2020. The focus is global and the sector definition is quite broad and based on the categories Crunchbase use.

Funding decreased by over $130 million between 2019 and 2020 – likely a result of global uncertainty generated by the Covid-19 pandemic. Still, over $500 million was invested in new and existing entities.

The number of rounds (roughly equating to the number of organisations receiving funding, albeit in some instances a firm received multiple rounds in the 6 month period) also decreased between 2019 and 2020, and again from 2018 to 2019.

The 2020 data reveals a real mixture of funding types. The majority (17 of 42) were focused on Seed, Pre-seed and Series A – so relatively early stage investments, where VC’s could essentially be prepared to take more risk.

As expected, the USA was the location of the majority of the receiving organisations, with the UK in a healthy second place.

Finally a list of the top 10 investments, based on the funding amount:

Organization NameFunding TypeMoney Raised Currency (in USD)Announced DateOrganization Description
OnfidoSeries D100,000,0002020-04-15Onfido develops AI-based identity verification technology that first assesses a user’s ID, and then compares their facial biometrics.
PayfoneSeries H100,000,0002020-06-18Payfone is a customer identity platform that provides mobile and digital identity authentication solutions for businesses.
ForgeRockSeries E93,500,0002020-04-21ForgeRock is a multinational software company that develops commercial open source identity and access management products.
BigIDSeries C50,000,0002020-01-06BigID is a company developing a software that helps companies secure customer data and satisfy privacy regulations.
ProxySeries B42,000,0002020-03-16Proxy provides a smartphone-enabled digital identity that allows the user to authenticate and interact with all devices.
SemperisSeries B40,000,0002020-05-13Semperis develops enterprise identity protection and cyber resilience for cross-cloud and hybrid environments.
Beyond IdentitySeries A30,000,0002020-04-14Beyond Identity provides passwordless identity management solutions.
Trusting Social Co.Series B19,000,0002020-06-24Trusting Social builds the next generation of credit score based on social data, to make lending faster, cheaper and friendlier.
PersonaSeries A17,500,0002020-01-28Persona is the first all-in-one identity platform securely built to help you serve the real people of your business.



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