All vendor assessments are independent and free from sponsorship.


We leverage a range of open source intelligence data signals to create actionable insights.

supplier fact check

All assessments are verified by the supplier for factual accuracy and correctness.

Vendor Assessments

Leverage independent assessments for buy side due diligence and industry understanding

The Cyber Hut provides vendor assessments for a range of cyber security technologies. We specialise in software based suppliers who typically have revenue less than $100 million. We release assessments monthly and each report is updated yearly. Assessments are between 8-10 pages in length and provide an independent guide to company history, funding and technical capabilities.

5-step Methodology

We leverage a range of OSINT data signals to provide an empirical and evidence based body of knowledge on the vendor. Once complete, we engage with the supplier for a pitch, position and demo set of briefings where we can understand the go to market approach and product capabilities. What follows is an iterative process, where The Cyber Hut start to build out a vendor profile, with further support from the vendor as necessary. The vendor is always given the opportunity to “fact check” and correct any parts of the assessment.

  • No cumbersome vendor questionnaires
  • Empirical and evidence Based
  • Iterative and transparent
  • Free from vendor sponsorship
  • Available to buy side practitioners as standalone PDF
  • Available to vendors as a re-distributable report

Available on Subscription and Vendor Reprint License

Subscription Access

£ 599
per year
  • Regularly updated
  • Online access
  • Searchable portal
  • Printable
  • Downloadable

Vendor Reprint Lic.

£ PoA
per year
  • For content marketing
  • 6 or 12 month license
  • Distributable
  • Self hosting
  • PDF and logo embedded