Our Multi Cloud Identity Orchestration Signals tracker focuses upon providers that promote the management of cross cloud service and SaaS identity.

  • Cloud service integration
  • Improved identity visibility
  • Standardization of policy controls
  • Reduced identity misconfiguration
  • Identity policy consistency

“Secure Your Cloud. Identity First. Holistic protection for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud”

“Identity Security for Multicloud and Hybrid Environments.  Real-Time Identity Intelligence, Automation, and Governance Solutions for Hybrid and Multicloud Architectures”

“Distributed Multi-Cloud Identity Orchestration.  Strata solves your distributed identity and access challenges through a no-code software solution and extensible platform.  Automate repetitive integration tasks and modernize your legacy identity infrastructure in minutes instead of months”

“SaaS to SaaS Supply Chain Security. Automate the discovery and mitigation of third-party integration risks to your critical SaaS like Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and Salesforce”

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