Example CIAM Capabilities

Progressive Profiling

Friction free user registration – collecting data only when needed

Secure MFA

A range of multi-factor authentication options – E.g OTP, WebAuth, FIDO, biometrics

Storage Scaling

A large and expandable identity store that is highly available


Ability to provide or integrate with identity proofing services

Privacy & Consent

Capture, store, share and protect personal identifiable information via explicit consent

User Experience

Ability to deliver customized user experiences across multiple device types

Flexible Integration

Ability to integrate with a range of customer, analytics and marketing data sources

Adaptive Security

Ability to integrate and provide functions for counter fraud, bot detection, risk management and behaviour analysis

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“Identity management that improves security and user experiences, and lowers operational costs.”

“Frictionless and secure access to people outside of your organisation”

“A European CIAM platform.  Built for all developers with privacy & security at heart.”

“Simple customer sign-in journeys (as a service)”

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“Build Secure, Delightful End-to-End Customer Identity Journeys.  Provide uncompromising security, fraud prevention and customer experience with modular, orchestrated identity services.”

“Fine-grained, end-to-end CIAM solution to delight your customers in their digital journey”

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