Research – How To Kill The Password (Buyer’s Guide to Passwordless Technology)


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A long read research report analysing the market for passwordless authentication and how to migrate away from legacy based password authentication.

This report focuses on requirements, existing providers, use case analysis, future trends, vendor selection guidance and funding details for modals such as dynamic schemes (one time passwords, OATH generation, push authentication), Security Tokens (USB), magic links, QR Code, FIDO UAF/U2F and new standards such as WebAuthn. Orthogonal requirements such as enrolment, biometrics, payment integration and distributed storage will also be analysed.

The report is not sponsored and is based on OSINT, vendor briefings and industry interviews.

Vendors to be included in the report include:

  • Hypr
  • Transmit Security
  • 1Kosmos
  • Veridium
  • Beyond Identity
  • Secret Double Octopus
  • Stych


The report is available for a single user.

Enterprise multi-seat usage and redistribution rights are also available.  Vendor redistribution is also available on 6 and 12 month licenses.

Please contact us for further details.

Report completion is estimated for Q3 2021.