Manchester, UK, June 1st 2021

The Cyber Hut ( identified over $2.3 billion of venture funding was raised for seed and series A rounds by global cyber security startups during 2020.  This was down from $2.6 billion in 2019.

In its Analyst Report “2020 Cyber Security Startup Funding Analytics”, The Cyber Hut examined the global cyber security startup funding patterns that occurred in 2020.  Nearly 550 organisations received funding, with the largest amount being $123 million, raised by ns8.  

The top 10 early stage cyber security rounds in 2020 included organisations such as:

The report reveals the main venture capitalists in the cyber security startup funding scene, including AXA Venture Partners, Accel, Edison Partners and ForgePoint Capital amongst others.

The report goes on to map all 550 cyber security startups against the NIST Cyber Security Framework, identifying how the startups sit alongside the Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recovery components.

Functional and non-functional analysis revealed that privacy and cloud centricity with a strong developer adoption focus were the main themes of 2020’s funding.  

The report concludes with deep dives on all top 10 organisations and their 21 investors – identifying historical cyber investments and their non-cyber funding of 2020.

“The last 36 months have seen unprecedented activity within the cyber security sector globally.  2020 was a unique year in so many ways, and the cyber sector was hugely central to those changes”, says The Cyber Hut founder and report author Simon Moffatt.  “The impact of the global pandemic and the dual drivers of increased competitive pressure and remote home working, resulted in new approaches to risk management by industry practitioners and new and innovative solutions for modern distributed and privacy-first security solutions by the startups.  2020 was a startling year”.

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