Who Are You? Let us start with you. The Cyber Hut works with both buy side practitioners working within industry and sell side vendors delivering identity and access management security solutions and technology.  We also support venture capitalist investors too.  You are all on a mission to improve security without impacting usability, for a varied range […]
The Covid-19 pandemic, has had far reaching impacts on global economic performance. Economic output in many countries is down, with many heading towards Q3 recessions. The main stock markets in the US and UK have seen significant downward trends over the last 6-8 weeks: But what impact, has Covid-19 had on public identity, authentication and […]
Introduction Consumer Identity Services, are focused upon delivering functions such as the following for users accessing services across the internet: user registrationpassword resetprofile personalisationpasswordless loginmulti factor authenticationsession managementadaptive and contextual accessprivacy & consent management Example services could include on line banking, online retail and sign up access to government services. Concepts API First – consumer […]
The following is a high level capabilities matrix for OAuth2. The vendors chosen for comparison, are a selected few, that have well known capabilities within the access management space. For example, some are listed within the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Access Management – typically seen as the largest and most capable providers of access technology. […]
The W3C backed standard for passwordless authentication, commonly known as WebAuthn, has been worked on by experts from the likes of Microsoft, Google and Mozilla for several years. In early 2019 it was recommended as a standard and is being adopted by many organisations as a result. This article will take a deeper look at […]
Today’s authentication requirements go way beyond hooking into a database or directory and challenging every user and service for an Id and password.  Authentication and the login experience, is the application entry point and can make or break your security posture and end user experience.  Authentication is typically associated with identifying, to a certain degree of assurance, […]
Schools out for summer?  Well not quite.  Unless you’re living in the east coast of Australia, it’s looking decidedly bleak weather wise for most of Europe and the American east coast.  But I digress.  Is it looking bleak for your digital identity driven projects?  What’s been a success, where are we heading and what should […]
Welcome to a digital identity project in 2020! You’ll be expected to have a plan for post-quantum cryptography.  Your network will be littered with “zero trust” buzz words, that will make you suspect everyone, everything and every transaction.  Add to that, “machines” will be learning everything, from how you like your coffee, through to every […]
2016 is drawing to an end, the goose is getting fat, the lights and decorations are adorning many a fire place and other such cold weather cliches.  However, the attention must turn back to identity management and what the future may or may not hold. Digital identity or consumer based identity and access management (CIAM) […]
It’s that time of year again, when the retrospective and predictive blogs come out of the closet, just before the Christmas festivities begin.  This time last year, the 2015 predictions were an interesting selection of both consumer and enterprise challenges, with a focus on: Customer Identity Management The start of IoT security awareness Reduced Passwords on […]