A review of authorization related features added to Google Cloud Platform between 2019-2022.
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A review of authorization related features added to Amazon Web Services between 2019-2022
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An analysis on VC funding in authorization, existing vendor feature additions and acquisition activity.
A primer on authorization technology, covering RBAC, ABAC, XACML, OAuth2, Open Policy Agent and Zanzibar.
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A few items to appear in The Cyber Hut intelligence inboxes this week. Styra Launches Cloud Native Entitlements Solution Styra, the authorization startup behind Open Policy Agent, recently announced another solution to their kit bag. Their Cloud Native Entitlements approach seems to be aimed at bringing a distributed and replicated approach to entitlements management – […]
Authorization – the old chestnut often associated with role based access control – is seemingly making a cool-kid comeback. Well, RBAC is like SAML and passwords – seemingly dead, yet still going strong at the same time. Very smart. I was lucky (?) enough to have been in the RBAC space the first time ’round […]
A few weeks ago I ran a slightly provocative and not very scientific poll on LinkedIn asking which was the more important: authentication or authorization? Clearly in the grand scheme of things that is a pretty pointless exercise, but the rationale was to really identify some thought processes and reactions. It provided some interesting responses. […]
A Request For Proposal template to assist buy side decision makers with the procurement of Authorization technologies and solutions. Table of contents includes: Vendor Background Project Description Functional Requirements Non-Functional Requirements Integration Deployment   The report is available for multiple users across the same enterprise. Please contact us for further details.     [contact-form to=”sales@thecyberhut.com” […]
Machines are eating the world. Or is it software? No wait, it's AI. In someways, it will likely be none, neither or all. I don't think any will make us all extinct, yet automation, the use of machines and services (powered by clever software) will certainly be doing more for us as humans than ever before - as employees, customers and citizens.
Our founder Simon Moffatt will be speaking at FIDO Authenticate 2023 in Carlsbad San Diego October 16-18th. This three-day auth-fest will see the world's authentication, authorization and identity experts converge for some deep dive discussions and networking on a broad array of topics - from passkeys and biometrics, through to proofing and access control.