Cyber 101

The cyber security industry, faces one of the biggest personnel shortages, of all modern technology sectors.  The topics are vast, complex and ever changing.  Attack vectors and vulnerabilities are discovered daily.

The aim of The Cyber Hut Cyber 101, is to provide simple and accessible training on the industry's most in demand skills.

I want to take complex topics and make them simple and accessible.

I am going to take the basic "What is.." style topics within the cyber security space and break them down into 3 minute snips.  Accessible videos that cover a complex topic simply, providing actionable knowledge.

I am going to start with the main themes I hear over again, namely the following:

  • What is...authentication?
  • What is...authorization?
  • What is...encryption?
  • What is...the difference between security & privacy?
  • What is...the difference between HTTP and HTTPS?
  • What is...a cookie?
  • What is...TLS?
  • What is...OAuth2?
  • What is...the CIA triad?

I will break them down into 3 minute chunks along with my trusty "cyber stick man".  A picture says a thousand words, right?

I will try and release a few videos a month.  Drop a line for any specific topics.