Vendor Assessments are independent, sponsor free pieces of research created by The Cyber Hut that focus upon improving buy-side visibility and vendor intelligence across a range of different coverage areas. The documents typically form part of larger pieces of research such as buyer’s guides or emerging technology trends analysis documents.

The Cyber Hut leverages a five step methodology that combines open source intelligence, vendor briefings and fact checking processes. The aim is to reduce the burden on the vendor to supply responses to hundreds of different outdated critical capability questions. Instead we leverage an empirical and evidence based approach to vendor research.

First off we utilise a range of open source and paid for data sources to conduct primary research surrounding the vendor. After which point we contact the vendor asking for a set of briefings, to understand the pitch and position as well as any technical demo’s they may wish to provide. Further research may then be conducted, with interviews and case study analysis before The Cyber Hut can create a first draft of a vendor profile. The profile is then made available to the vendor for fact checking.

On completion of that fact checking process, the document is finalised and made available on The Cyber Hut analyst store front for buy side practitioners to use as part of their industry, market and vendor analysis efforts.

See here for more details on the process or search for recent vendor additions to the store.

Contact us regarding the addition of a vendor assessment to the directory.


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