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Our Latest Guide: Passwordless Authentication

Our Buyer’s Guide for Passwordless Authentication was released in Q4 2021. It was a 61 page guide, covering 34 capability areas, with over 140 RFx questions.

Authentication & MFA

Authentication is typically broken down into the three “something you know”, “something you are”, and “something you have” buckets – with MFA (multi factor authentication) being the selection of two from the 3.

As the vast majority of person-based authentication starts with a username and password, a second factor takes one from something you are (such as a fingerprint or facial recognition) or perhaps something you have, in the form of a USB security key.

Cost & Complexity

Since 2016 MFA has seen a steady, yet noticeable rise in world wide searches for “multi factor authentication” as identified by the likes of Google Trends.

But many MFA solutions often bring inherent design challenges which can limit adoption and lead to expensive, complex and difficult to migrate implementations.

Authentication Lifecycle

The use of passwordless technology, irrespective of the technology being used, is essentially an issued credential that is tied to a specific identity in a scoped and sometimes time-based fashion. If treated via a lifecycle, analysis of the capabilities can be mapped into the corresponding area to allow for greater analysis and focus.

Enrol -> Use -> Add -> Migrate -> Reset -> Remove

A life cycle approach to passwordless authentication capabilities 

Covering both employee B2E and consumer B2C use cases, the buyer’s guide helps navigate the emerging technology sector for password-free authentication.

Available to purchase as a standalone report or with advisory.

Single Seat License

£ 349
  • 61 pages
  • 34 capability areas
  • 140+ questions
  • History and origins
  • Planning recommendations

With Advisory

  • Workshops
  • Hourly advisory
  • Retained support
  • Procurement guidance
  • Vendor evaluation

Vendor Reprint

  • Reprint
  • Redistribution
  • Marketing collateral
  • 6 month period
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