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How To Build An Authentication Platform

Today's authentication requirements go way beyond hooking into a database or directory and challenging every user and service for an Id and password.  Authentication and the login experience, is the application entry point and can make or break your security posture and end user experience. 

Authentication is typically associated with identifying, to a certain degree of assurance, who or what you are interacting with.  Authorization is typically identifying and allowing what that person or thing can do.  This blog is focused on the former, but I might stray in to the latter from time to time.

There are numerous use cases that a modern enterprise needs to fulfil, if authentication services are to deliver value.  These can include:

Authentication for a service or APIDevice authenticationMetrics, timing and analytics of flowsThreat intelligence integrationAnonymous to known authentication profilingContextual analysis In addition to the basic functional requirements, there are several …

2019 Digital Identity Progress Report

Schools out for summer?  Well not quite.  Unless you're living in the east coast of Australia, it's looking decidedly bleak weather wise for most of Europe and the American east coast.  But I digress.  Is it looking bleak for your digital identity driven projects?  What's been a success, where are we heading and what should we look out for?

Where We Are TodayPasswordless - (Reports says B-)

Over the last 24 months, there have been some pretty big themes that many organisations embarking on digital identity and security related projects, have been trying to succeed at.  First up, the age old chestnut...of passwordless authentication.  The password is dead, long live the password!  We are definitely making progress though.  Many of the top public sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter et al) provide multi-factor authentication options at least.  Passwords are still required as the first step, but the end user education and familiarity with something other than a password during …