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Renewable Security: Steps to Save The Cyber Security Planet

Actually, this has nothing to-do with being green.  Although, that is a passion of mine.  This is more to-do with a paradigm that is becoming more popular in security architectures: that of being able to re-spin particular services to a known “safe” state after breach, or even as a preventative measure before a breach or vulnerability has been exploited.

Triple R's of Security
This falls into what is known as the “3 R’s of Security”.  A quick Google on that topic will result in a fair few decent explanations of what that can mean.  The TL;DR is basically, rotate (credentials), repair (vulnerabilities) and repave (services and servers to a known good state).  This approach is gaining popularity mainly due devops deployment models.  Or “secdevops”.  Or is it “devsecops”?  Containerization and highly automated “code to prod” pipelines make it a lot easier to get stuff into production, iterate and go again.  So how does security play into this?

Well I want to back track…