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Why Tim Berners-Lee Is Right About Internet Privacy

Last week, the "father" of the Internet, Tim Berners-Lee, did a series of interviews to mark the 28 year anniversary since he submitted his original proposal for the worldwide web.

The interviews were focused on the phenomenal success of the web, along with a macabre warning describing 3 key areas we need to change in order to "save" the Internet as we know it.

The three points were:

We’ve lost control of our personal dataIt’s too easy for misinformation to spread on the webPolitical advertising online needs transparency and understandingI want to primarily discuss the first point - personal data, privacy and our lack of control.
As nearly every private, non-profit and public sector organisation on the planet, either has a digital presence, or is in the process of transforming itself to be a digital force, the transfer of personal data to service provider is growing at an unprecedented rate. 
Every time we register for a service - be it for an insurance quote, to submit…