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Mobile Security - Why You Should Care

Nearly all professional working people in the western world, have access to a mobile phone.  These phones are generally not just phones.  They're portable laptops, with processing and storage capabilities greater then a desktop PC 25 years ago, yet we treat them like toys that can easily be replaced.

With every pay monthly contracted sold (especially in the UK), an equivalent monthly insurance policy is sold too.  We're constantly reminded about the dangers of dropping the phone down the toilet, or smashing the screen, after inadvertently leaving the phone in your back pocket, or by damaging the outer casing by not having the correct protective membrane.  For another £12 a month, you can have 'piece of mind' that you're protected.  Great.

But what about the stuff the phone is actually used for?  Does that get protected too?  What stuff, why should I care about protecting that?

Are Security Qualifications Important?

Over the years I, like many IT professionals, have amassed a fair few number of qualifications.  Some vendor specific (MCSA, CNE, CCNA), some process related (PRINCE2, ITIL) and some security related (CISSP, CISA).  But in reality, has it been worthwhile pursuing them and have they made a difference to my career?

Well, there are a few ways to look at this.  Many people start out within IT either straight from college or university with a basic theoretical understanding of information systems or computer science principles.  Whilst this provides a basic understanding of some of the key technical and non-technical aspects of computing, I think it really acts to lay a foundation for how the person can pick up new information going forward, either through professional study or simply via on the job exposure.

When someone junior starts a new role, often, their main aim is to get promoted or gain a pay rise.  This can happen in a few ways - either through longevity (simply working in a role…