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The Best Firewall? People

A firewall.  An aggressive connotation. A wall, made of bricks and cement, literally on fire.  As far as protection goes, that is pretty good.  Firewalls in a computing and network sense have been around a while, gaining popularity in the late 1980's when inter-networked computers and later the full blown internet came to the fore.

The main crux of the firewall is prevent network traffic from reaching a destination based on a set of rules.  Pretty simple.  One side of the firewall is a trusted 'safe' area (normally known as the private network) and the other side of the firewall will be untrusted or the public network.  Keeping the two separate makes sense and allows for greater control over network traffic and it's data.  So firewalls are generally placed at the outer most part of the private network, often with a de-militarized-zone (DMZ) in between, which acts like a no-man's land where both public and private traffic can enter.

As security has gained focus over…