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Has The Big Dog Had It's Day?

The end of the megalithic software vendor?

Who Are The Big Dogs?
When you think of the big dog, game changing software companies you think of Microsoft (PC's), Apple (cool-factor), Oracle or IBM (enterprise), Google (search and now mobile) and I guess if you stretch it a little Cisco (yes I know they are primarily network hardware, but that hardware needs an OS) too.  There are a few others, but you get the idea.  Most of these big dog software vendors, are indeed just big dogs, and occupy many positions in the NASDAQ's top 10 for market capitalisation.

But Has the Big Dog Had It's Day?
Is there a point where these organisations like these, either become too 'large' or simply become less relevant?  15 years ago Windows was seen as the only way for desktop operating systems, certainly within the enterprise, being bundled on the latest HP and Dell hardware without question.  Today, it doesn't take long to find the latest netbook running Ubuntu or another Linux dist…